Experience Matters

Our background is deeply rooted in our 17 years of experience in sales, marketing & advertising experience in the wireless and technology industry. We have an extensive understanding & knowledge of market trends, go-to-market (GTM), consumer behavior, experiential marketing, multicultural marketing, product launches, guerrilla marketing, sports marketing, venue fan engagement & experience. We also have extensive experience working with radio stations, TV, digital/online and print advertising. Our experience working with major brands like NFL, Indy Car Racing, Los Angeles Lakers, LA Live, Staples Center, San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Kings, Live Nation, San Diego Chargers are just some of the brands we've worked with in the previous career prior to launching No ka 'oi Photo Booth in 2015. We have planned and executed hundreds of marketing campaigns and thousands of events scaling small parties to multi-million dollar events. If you're looking to create an unforgettable experience through Photo Marketing, please let us be an extension of marketing team.


Choose one of our Photo Booth services we offer and we'll customize the Brand Activation based on your goals and objectives. We can play a small part of your event or create a holistic 360 degree ecosystem that will impact your ROI and improve your market share by creating additional marketing campaigns to help your content live beyond the event itself. We don't want to bore you with all of the specs and model of equipment we use but it's important that our clients understand that we use professional equipment and the latest technologies available to help us execute the activation. We even have the ability to create websites, mirco-sites, phone applications and software if you're really looking to stand out! One of the many reasons why our photo marketing services are successful is because it's fun for users, we create an instant emotional connection and capture exciting memories! For those reasons, users have a higher propensity of providing us good & contactable email addresses and are more willing to accept the customized disclaimer because they want access to the fun memories they created at the event.

How Does it Work



Guests and clients create fun memories utilizing our services at your event or venue. Photos, equipment, user interfaces and digital products are all brand-able. We can help your brand better resonate with users because they will associate your brand & messaging each time they relive their fun memories looking at the photos or watching their videos.


Social Sharing

Users can share their photos and & videos directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Text Messaging. Each time users share their photos or video, your preset messaging & branding will also be shared on social media. Each time users email their photos or videos, they'll receive you messaging, coupons or branding along with their photos or videos.



Extend your reach beyond the event itself.  Before users can share or print their photos, we have the ability to add your disclaimer to allow you to connect them in the future.  You can also ask them to follow you on Twitter, like your Facebook page, and/or collect their emails so that you can engage with users after the event and remind them of our products and services.

Capabilities at-a-Glance

Branded Products

Photos, Animated GIFs, Boomerang GIFs & Videos,  Multi-Camera Stations, Hashtag Printers, Slow Motion Booths & More!

Customized Messaging

Overlay Designs,  Preset Social Media Messaging, Photo Delivery Emails, Branded Equipment & More!

Social Sharing

The products we use are built and design with social media in mind. We understand the importance and impact it has on brands and experience.

Social Media Gates

Prompt users to "Follow" you on Twitter "Like" your Facebook page. This feature will allow you to reconnect with the users for future marketing campaigns.

Data Analytics

Track & measure your impact based on social media shares. We can monitor your reach on social media, booth activity and impressions achieve by each sharing action on a real-time basis.

Data Capture

Capture email addresses, name, number of friends or followers each users has and other demographic information. Data captured can help your company tailor your messaging and which social media platforms to reach your targeted customers.

Cloud Management

Monitor the activation from your office locally or from the other side of the world on a real-time basis. We can provide you an update on booth activity, view content taken from the booth, update digital messaging and more!



Direct users to a branded microsite to view their photos, GIFs and videos. Sites and landing branded pages can be customized to include additional marketing material such as coupons, messaging and more!


Select Product

Step 1

We have many creative & unique products in our portfolio. You can use one or combine different products to make a bigger impact.


Step 2

Talk to one of our photo marketing gurus and see how we can help you create a memorable experience for your guests and clients using our products & services.


Step 3

Based on your needs and objectives, we can configure the features of our products and capabilities to your needs.

define KPI(s)

Step 4

Like any marketing campaign, we'll need to determine what key performance indicators to measure to ensure we maximize ROI.

Proposal Review

Step 5

Based on the consultation, we'll craft a customized proposal and strategy that will be easy to understand and will help you meet your business objectives.


Step 6

You can count on us with confidence with your brand activation! Our team & brand ambassadors are experienced professionals, knowledgeable and energetic!

post event

Step 7

We'll provide you with the data analytics and email captured at your event or venue so that you can extend your marketing efforts beyond the event.

measure impact

Step 8

Whatever your company is most known for should go right here, whether that's bratwurst or baseball caps or vampire bat removal.

Next Steps...

We understand that each event is unique in it's own way. There are many elements we factor in when providing you a proposal. Almost all of our products & services are brand-able,  have social media capabilities and can provide data analytics.